Ex-Haiti police chief arrested on gun trafficking charges

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A former director of Haiti’s National Police has been arrested on charges of weapons trafficking. Judge Dieunel Lumerant said Friday’s arrest of Godson Orelus stems from the September 2016 discovery of a container filled with machine guns. He said it’s the first arrest in Haiti related to that case.

Orelus was arrested in the eastern coastal town of Saint-Marc located northwest of Port-au-Prince. His attorney could not be immediately reached for comment. According to news reports the investigative judge who made the arrest aims that the former police chief is the one who authorized the shipment of the illegal weapons that were seized in customs in Saint-Marc back in 2016.

There was a big commotion during the arrest between the arresting officers and Orelus’ security guards since the attorney who accompanied Mr Orelus and his security guards did not understand what was happening. The former police chief only appeared in front of the judge as a witness, the attorney told a journalist, and he was arrested without being charged of any crime.

The attorney for the former police chief said the arrest was made illegally. He he came to see the judge as a witness to give some details and suddenly two officers walked in and handcuffed him to take him into custody and the judge told the attorney that he was being pressured by the international to make the arrest and he would explain later.

“I have to protect myself,” the judge told the attorney of former police chief Godson Orelus who is now in custody.


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